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    I want my herbs & pots back!

    That is more, than unacceptable! Shame, shame, shame, on anyone who would do that. At 3:00 a.m., you take it back!
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    Wanted Anyone got any extra pot? Pots, Flower Pots

    I have a huge assortment of clay pots. Majority, are smaller, some without drain holes, (but have drill bit to fix that), some cracked and some really nice imported ones. Unfortunately, after moving last year, didn't have a good way to protect plants from freezing and lost plants, some that were...
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    Need Local Custom Sofa Slipcovers

    I have been making slipcovers for over ten years. I have samples of my work, pictures and references. At this time, I am several weeks out. Located at the very west end of P.C.B.. Also, do pillows, bedding, shower curtains, valances, roman shades and smaller upholstery projects. I will be at...
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    Wanted used tent

    Surely, there is someone, who has an unwanted tent.
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    Wanted used tent

    I am looking for a tent. It does not have to be in "great" condition. Some holes, maybe, some mold, O.K.. Stable, with poles and some stakes, something about 5'x8", or somewhere within. Got something like that taking up your space? Please let me know! Thanks
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    Anyone having boxes?

    free boxes Craigs list, P.C., has free moving boxes, including wardrobe, china, others and packing paper. Listed under "FREE". Posted @ 1:00, so it might be too late. Might be worth a try.
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    Need help---not a cat person

    I am going through the same thing. A cat has adopted us and don't have a clue, as to why ,she picked us! I would love to have some cats, but unfotunately, my dogs, would love to have cats for lunch. I have been feeding her , but she still is not gaining weight. I assume she has worms. There is...
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    1950's craftsman electric drill

    Craftsman "80" 1/4" industrial rated drill Model No. 315.7720 110-120 V. A.C. D.C. 2.3 AMP. 1900 R.P.M. Drill in excellent condition. Metal box in fair condition, no dings or large scratches, although, has some wear, mainly rust. Most bits are present, including paddle bits, phillips and flat...
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    Lost: Waltdini is over the wall again...

    This is such great news! I love happy endings. Must hear the story of the journey to Pensacola and the ability to find him there. The information may be helpful for others trying to locate lost loved ones! Congrats! :clap:
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    For Sale Hall table

    If your table is still available, I am very interested. I'll buy it sight unseen. If you could call me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Ann 850-249-5181
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    Lost: Waltdini is over the wall again...

    So terribly sorry! Unfortunately, dogs get loose, no matter how vigilant you are. The feeling is sickening. My dog, that I recently had to be put down, had gotten away from me, about 7 years ago. To this day I get nauseated, just thinking about it. I would walk them down, on their leases to a...
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    Habersham Plantation?

    I have three Habersham Plantation pieces, bought in the early 80's, at the factory store in Habersham county. A cherry wedding chest, a cherry chest on chest and a pine sofa table. Have been trying to research the value and my searches come up empty. From what is coming up, they have condensed...
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    Got ENTIRELY too much stuff: SALE!

    Alot of really great stuff , some not too great stuff and a little bit of obligatory crap. FURNITURE: Ethan Allen twin canopy bed, Ethan Allen desk, newly upholstered chairs, newly custom slipcovered chairs, custom made pillows and more. CHINA and DINNERWARE: Spode "Mayflower" Myott...
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    Found: female chocolate lab on Seagrove Beach at Eastern Lake on June 5. No collar

    O.K., glad I'm not the only one in that pool.
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    Found: female chocolate lab on Seagrove Beach at Eastern Lake on June 5. No collar

    I wanna no is there dictionary, cuz, I don't get it?
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    FUNNY: Craigslist

    I guess, I don't have enough to do today! Went on Craigslist, doing my usual browsing and came across a post, that made me laugh. Someone is trying to give away an orange tabby kitten. Good farm cat! Mom has taught him very good hunting skills. His name is Pumpkin. If you have mice you've hit...
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    Found: female chocolate lab on Seagrove Beach at Eastern Lake on June 5. No collar

    My dogs don't have fleas and haven't for 15 years or whenever advantix came out!
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    Found: female chocolate lab on Seagrove Beach at Eastern Lake on June 5. No collar

    I, certainly, don't care, but, I do know who will! Your prospective employers. It's hard to even follow what you are talking about, with misspelled words, horrible grammar, no capitalization and no punctuation. Good luck to you. BTW, you certainly are charming, maybe, that will get you through...
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    Found: female chocolate lab on Seagrove Beach at Eastern Lake on June 5. No collar

    I am happy you were able to work something out, to get Jessie back, but you have got to know being covered in biting bugs is torturous. Imagine being in your bed at night, trying to sleep and you're being eaten alive. I'm sure it makes for a hard nights sleep. Since, she's had her shots, she...
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    Found: female chocolate lab on Seagrove Beach at Eastern Lake on June 5. No collar

    A little harsh. No.1) Dognappers don't, usually, advertise their crime on a public forum and publish their phone numbers. No.2) I believe, had you put signs up, someone from this forum would have seen them and helped reunite you with your dog, before a trip to Jax.. No3.) One of my biggest jobs...
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    HI, my name is Grunt!

    My name is Grunt! I have been a VERY good dog for 16 years. I NEVER let mom go to the bathroom unprotected, always slept in the lower left corner of the bed and never took up more than my share of the sofa. Mom has been putting this day off, for quite some time. She is very sad. Not only...
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    How did we ever survive without the KONG

    Well, I know alot didn't. Wicker chairs, rugs, chair legs and the shoes, oh, the shoes. Had taken my next to last puppy to a trainer and was told, if you come home and find your shoes chewed up, roll up a newspaper and smack yourself in the head with it. Put natural cheese in the kong and then...
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    H. Freeman 100% cashmere sport coat

    Vintage, 100% cashmere sport coat. Tailored by H. Freeman and Sons, in Philadelphia, for Douglas Allen in Pensacola. Houndstoooth (blue, dk. grey, med. grey and cream. Pristine condition, size 40 reg. $250.00
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    Lost digital camera

    scroll down Scroll down. I believe Astara has your memory card. Hope so.
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    Beach Portrait Photographer?

    Amy@ Avalon Photography is wonderful. She has been doing all my work for 12 years. You can go to" Marketplace" on this sight and access her website.
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    What to do?

    My 16 year old dalmation/lab mix has lost control of his bowels and has become completly incontinent. He is senile and has alot of trouble getting up. I LOVE MY DOG! Though, I am not sure I can take another day. This is the most difficult position I have ever been in. He does know to go outside...
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    vintage 100% cashmere Men's jacket

    Vintage men's, 100% cashmere jacket. Hounds toothe, black, blue and cream. Pristine condition. Not sure of exact size. It belonged to my father, who was 6' and mediem build. H. Freeman, Philadelphia, made for Douglas Allen, of Pensacola.
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    For Sale sonia bathroom mirror

    New in box. Retails over 600.00. Made in Spain. Can be seen at Sonia 67-053916-75 wenge. Selling for $300.00.
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    great stuff 30A song writers fest!

    30A song writers festival! Venues include Bluz Bar, Stinkys Fish Camp, Shortys Surfside, Seasides Meeting Hall Theatre, Caliza @ Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach Town Hall and fish out of water. Artists include Emily Sliers (Indigo Girls), Amy Ray (Indigo Girls), Gary Louris (The Jayhawks) and Sam...
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    Glucosamine and Chondroitin??

    I used to get Cosequin from the vet and paid upwards to a 100.00$ and always had wonderful results. Came to find out it was merely glucosamine & chondroitin and could be purchased at a fraction of the cost. Because it was not flavored, I anticipated a struggle getting it down, but was pleasantly...
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    Sam Bush at Seaside Jan.15, 2010

    Sam Bush at Seaside Jan.15. YEAH! Check him out.:clap:
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    Need a scissor sharpener

    Joanns has a guy that comes in periodically. He sharpens both scissors and knives. Call and they can tell you when he's scheduled to come in. It is realatively expensive, so I use my coupon and buy a decent new pair. Disposable! It's cheaper.
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    Wanted: Patent attorney needed in Walton/ Okaloosa/Bay County

    Just curious, what's a noob? Is this something, I should know?:idontno:
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    900 Greyhounds In Need of HELP!

    Glad to know, others have become Bonnie Hunt fans. She is great! I am trying to marry her off to my brother! They would make such a perfect couple. She, at this time, as not bitten. Oh well. Miss you! Ellie I know this is a bit off track.
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    Itching dog driving us crazy!

    itchy dog The Ph balance of people shampoo is not right for dogs. Also, fish oil pills and/or flax seed oil, are very helpful. Puncture and put into food. Hope this might help!
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    handpainted dinnerware

    Have downloaded on photobucket, reduced size and still can't get it right. Please help!
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    handpainted dinnerware

    I am having a hard time posting pics. This was a test, to see if I had figured it out. Obviously not! Now have to figure out how to delete this and start over.
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    Cafe Bouchee (@ the old Yanni's in Sea Grove)

    english language Your grammer is atrocious. Sorry, I usually bite my tongue, just can't do it this time. Illiteracy is so prevalent, I feel that something has to be done. Go back to school!
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    Dog training

    I took my puppy to a trainer and it did not take very long for me figure out, puppy was not being trained, but I was. Should have flushed 200.00 down the toilet,' cause apparently, I didn't get it. Favorite qoute," If your puppy chews your shoes, roll up a newspaper and hit your self over your...
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    I have to buy a new iron & need recommendations, please

    irons Another suggestion, is to stay away from "light weight"! Yeah, they are lighter, but it takes more effort to iron out the wrinkles. A heavier iron does alot of the work for you. It suprises me how passionate people are about their irons. I love to show off my professional gravity feed...
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    I have to buy a new iron & need recommendations, please

    irons Rowenta! Definitely, the best domestic iron available. They are expensive, but worth it. Also, on sale at Joanns, through Oct. 17( 30% off)
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    Pair of Vintage 70's Sofas

    Sorry it's taken so long to reply. The list is almost endless. First, I do custom slipcovers, bedding , pillows, window treatments, shower curtains, dog beds, basic upholstery and more. Also have several sets of fine china, vintage china, imported ceramics, vintage glassware, framed vintage...
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    Pair of Vintage 70's Sofas

    I would love to have your sofas! Unfortunately, I'm cash poor. Although, I am rich in barter power!
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    Where to get something Shrink Wrapped

    You can get shrink wrap at Michaels . Plastic, you wrap and then put a hairdryer to it. Works beautifully.
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    Bobby J is an amateur

    Not only, do I have my stuff, I've been going through my parents stuff. I now have double stuff, with stuff on top. TOOLS: barely or never used Hitachi power drill and flashlight combo, with batteries and charger ( in case) Stanley heavy duty electric stapler/nailer B & D mouse sander w/ alot...
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    turtle watch volunteer arrested

    A shout out to Katherine, Hope you are reading this! We love you!
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