“Bring Foods to Life with Sprouting” - Caroling 11/5 at 6:30PM

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    Christ the King Episcopal Church
    “Bring Foods to Life with Sprouting” will be Caroling Wholeo Geary’s topic at the Nov. 5 meeting of the Emerald Coast Meditation Society. Although she was scheduled to give this talk in September, illness prevented her from doing so. Geary prefers to be referred to by her artist name, "Caroling."

    The free meeting will start with a 30-minute silent meditation at 6:30 p.m. in the parish hall at Christ the King Episcopal Church, 480 N. Co. Hwy. 393, Santa Rosa Beach, one-half mile north of Hwy. 98. The ECMS is ecumenical and follows no religion.

    “Beans, seeds, nuts and grains are seed packages, ready to grow into plants,” says Caroling. “You can enliven them by soaking, germinating, sprouting, dehydrating and blending.

    “It’s not that hard, and it makes your food more nutritious, delicious and digestible. While bringing food to life, you extend the spiritual practice of eating mindfully. Sprouting is a metaphor for meditation.”

    Caroling will discuss what, why and how she sprouts food for cooking, eating raw, processing and storing. Her staple is almond butter. In addition to considerations of tending the sprouts, work includes dehydration with an Excalibur and blending with a Vitamix. Since sprouting is a changing field with varying information and practices, she welcomes your input.

    Caroling is an artist, photographer, nature lover and visionary. Over 60 years, she has evolved her art from oriental ink drawing, oil painting, printmaking and stained glass into digital computer graphics and video.

    Raised in Minnesota, and having lived on both east and west coasts, she moved to this area in 2002. She has been active with the Florida Trail Association, Friends of Deer Lake State Park and South Walton Community Council. She takes part in Emerald Coast Meditation Society meetings and maintains ECMS pages on Facebook and Google+.

    Since retiring as a Silicon Valley technical writer in 1996, Caroling has worked fulltime on her website Wholeo.Net. She enjoys daily yoga and walking. She holds B.A. and M.F.A. degrees in art from the University of Minnesota and a certificate in electronics technology from Santa Rosa Junior College in California. She has one married daughter and three grandsons.

    The evening will conclude with a short guided meditation. Anyone who needs meditation instruction should arrive by 6:15 p.m. For information contact Nancy James at nancyjames@embarqmail.com.

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