10+ Tons of Trash Removed from the Beach this Fourth of July

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    This past Fourth of July, Visit South Walton (VSW) focused efforts on keeping trash off the beach and out of the Gulf of Mexico, picking up an estimated 10 to 12 tons of trash from the beach and receptacles.


    Keeping our beaches clean has always been a top priority of the organization — everyone takes pride in maintaining our county’s 26 miles of sugar white sand for visitors and locals to enjoy one of our most beautiful attractions.

    VSW maintains over 600 trash receptacles throughout South Walton, and collects an estimated 220,000 bags per year — receptacles are provided and maintained at all 8 Regional Beach Accesses, 50 Neighborhood Beach Accesses, 4 Bay Accesses, 3 Lake Accesses, and at many beach front properties who have requested them for visitors utilizing the beach.


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