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Beach Crab
Mar 1, 2021
Nashville, TN
My wife and I will be selling a rental home in Nashville and will be in the market for a 2 or 3 BR house/condo/townhome in the $300k to $600k price range. We would prefer to purchase between Inlet and Grayton, but we may entertain Blue Mountain Beach or Santa Rosa Beach with the right property. We will not be ready to close until June or July - so I thought there may be people on here looking to close around that time who want to start a dialogue of a possible transaction.

If so, please feel free to message me.

*At this time - We are not working with a realtor, but please no solicitations for buyer representation. I fully understand the nature of the market, and we may use a realtor if we have not found anything closer to the dates at which we will be able to close.
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