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    Every Summer we have a blast reading entries and picking winners from the annual "You're So SoWal" contest. We want to hear from you - so we're asking all beach lovers to send us more of your good stuff by completing the thought, "You're So SoWal If . . . "

    Send us your creative answers using the form below or email directly to us. Deadline for all submissions is August 15, 2014. Photos representing the essence of South Walton Life are also very welcome.

    We want to hear from you about what it means to be so in love with South Walton Beaches. What's unique? What's quirky? What's beautiful? What's funny? How thick is the seaweed? Why is that sign on the beach? Where did I leave my beer?

    Check SoWal.com, SoWal Forum (one of the best sources for source material), SoWal Facebook and Twitter often to see some of the best submissions during the contest. Finalists and winners will be published on the site at the end of the season.

    Last summer's contest got a flood of responses, with hundreds of entries from locals and visitors. The SoWal Staff and some discerning local judges helped us narrow down the best entries.

    Our 2013 Overall Winner You're so SoWal if ... your bike has a sticker that says "my other car is a kayak".
    - Connie S.
    Our 2013 First Runner Up You're so SoWal if ...you're more afraid of yellow flies than sharks.
    - David Hopkins
    Our 2013 Second Runner Up You're so SoWal if ... you've used the Truman show to describe your area.
    - Nikhil Abuvala

    A few more notable finalists...

    You keep an emergency beach bag in your car just in case you get off work early.
    - Peyton Cook

    Sequins on your flip flops is considered "dressed up".
    - Chase

    Your truck has an inch or more of sand on the floor and you like it that way!
    - keith wright

    You haven't been past 30a - east or west - in 10 or more years of vacations!
    - Melanie Williams

    Click here to read all of last year's winners and finalists.


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