2015 Beachcomber Music Awards Nomination Ballot

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    The Beachcomber is taking nominations now for the 7th annual Beachcomber Music Awards. If you are a lover of music made by local artists, you have until Sunday Jan 3 to nominate up to three bands/artists per category.

    The Beachcomber will then issue a final ballot (very soon) and winners will be announced at The Beachcomber Music Awards on March 2. Details of the awards event coming soon.

    Make your nominations now.

    Nominate up to three in each category in any or all. Final ballot with top three in each category will appear Jan. 15 for online voting.

    album of the year
    best alternative artist
    best americana artist
    best band
    best bassist
    best bluegrass artist
    best blues artist
    best christian/gospel artist
    best comedy artist
    best country artist
    best cover artist
    best dance artist
    best dj
    best drummer
    best duo
    best electronica artist
    best female vocalist
    best folk artist
    best guitarist
    best horn player
    best instrumentalist
    best jam band
    best jazz artist
    best keyboardist
    best live music venue
    best male vocalist
    best mandolin player
    best metal artist
    best music event
    best music video
    best original song
    best punk artist
    best rap/hip hop artist
    best r&b/soul artist
    best reggae artist
    best rock artist
    best singer-songwriter
    best solo artist
    hall of fame
    musician of the year


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