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Apr 14, 2006
South Walon, FL
Each and every Summer we have a blast reading entries and picking winners from our annual "You're So SoWal" contest. Each year is unique and each year is bigger and better - thanks to all who enter! We want to hear from you - whether you are a first timer or if you are a veteran and enter every year.

We're asking all you SoWal beach lovers to send us more of your good stuff by completing the thought, "You're So SoWal If . . . "

Please Enter Below ... Enter as many times as you like!

What does it mean to be so in love with South Walton Beaches? What's unique about South Walton? What's quirky? What's beautiful? What's funny? How about that traffic?!? Why is that sign on the beach!? Where's my next Margarita at?!

Check here on the SoWal Forum (one of the best sources for source material), SoWal Facebook and Twitter often to see some of the best submissions during the contest. Finalists and winners will be published on the site at the end of the season.

Last summer's contest got a flood of responses, with hundreds of entries from locals and visitors. The SoWal Staff and some discerning local judges helped us narrow down the best entries.

Our 2014 Overall Winner
You're so SoWal if ... you're resting in peace, but still alive.
- Gerard Dalessandro

Our 2014 First Runner Up
You're So SoWal if ... your bumper stickers reads, "I'm a proud parent of a beach bum".
- Eve Andriola

Our 2014 Second Runner Up
You're So SoWal if ... you get teary eyed when you see the OPEN sign light up at Seagrove Market Cafe after a long winter.
- Elaine Parrett

Click here to read all of last year's winners and finalists.


Kurt Lischka

Staff member
Oct 15, 2004
Here's one by email from Bo Rentrop...

Dune Allen 1958[1].jpg

As you can see from the picture above, I was young then, now I am 84. Our first year at Dune Allen Beach was the summer of 1958. Left to right: Bo Rentrop (me the mother), Jane Day Piraro (Bo’s baby sister), Mickey Rentrop Shannon (the oldest daughter – same age as Jane!), John Rentrop (the son), Billy Rentrop (the father-deceased in 2002), and Amy Rentrop Chaffin (the baby at that time).

I got sick and was hospitalized the end of May and am just recuperating. Much to my regret, I didn’t get to go this year – the first time in all these years I have not gone. The rest of the family are there until July 4.

Not everyone gets to go every year, and we can’t always slow them down for a picture of everyone together.

The picture below has all of the originals, plus 3 more Rentrop children, all grown up, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and aunts, uncles, and cousins by the dozens. It was taken on the steps in front of Dune I Townhomes at Dune Allen Beach.


Beach Brats Brouhaha 2011– The original bunch minus Billy, plus most of those in the 2000 Brouhaha. Also taken on the (reconfigured) steps in front of Dune I after the original steps and beach were destroyed by a hurricane whose name I don’t remember.

You're So SoWal if ... you have vacationed at Dune Allen Beach with your growing family for more than 50 years.

Read more about he Rentrop's long, long adventure in Dune Allen at
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