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Beach Fanatic
Oct 10, 2005
I also recommend that everyone copy those emails and letters to the local news media, including the Walton Sun, Beach Breeze, the Northwest Florida Daily News, and the Panama City television stations. I will look for those links later today and post them.

This would help get the word out to more people so they can write and call the Commissioners as well.

full time

Beach Fanatic
Oct 25, 2006
Althea, shame on you for not knowing your audience. We here at are firmly dedicated to turtles, swamps, starving artists and socialist anti-market principles. How can we possibly support something so at odds with our core being .... unless, of course, you permit all of us and our buddies to live in this high rise rent free. Also, if we are to live there, please give Ceruleans some free commercial space so that we have a place to mingle. Otherwise, for your own good, we will have to oppose you.


SoWal Expert
May 8, 2007
How a 25 story condo tower and RV park "preserves the natural beauty and surroundings" is beyond me!

Just when I think they can't come up with a stupider idea........... :bang:

Smiling JOe

SoWal Expert
Nov 18, 2004

Write those letters, emails and pick up the phone and call those commissioners, today!


Darlene is my middle name, not my nickname
Dec 20, 2004
Lacey's Spring, Alabama
This statement also says it all, "Jolly Bay LLC was formed to develop environmentally sensitive property."

Write those letters and emails today!!!! Pick up the phone and call. Write those emails everyday. Same ones, over and over and over!!!

There email addresses are (simply copy and paste):

scott brannon <>,
Cindy Meadows <>,
Sara Commander <>,
ken pridgen <>,
larry jones <>

Dear Commissioner,
I understand that there is a 25 story project proposed for Walton County, which is currently before the Planning Dept. I urge you to make a motion and vote for the passage of the height restriction, currently on the books for South Walton, to be extended for all of Walton County. This should be done right away, at the next BCC meeting, prior to this proposed 25 story project coming before the BCC.


(your name)

I only see one error in your letter SJ. The article said it was going to be a 26 story building, not a 25 story building. I don't imagine 1 story makes a whole heck of a lot of difference though in the whole scheme of things, but I thought I would point it out none the less. I don't even live there and I am writing the commissioners.


SoWal Expert
May 8, 2007
I was told the commissioners thought they HAD passed a 50' height ordinance for the entire county 2 years ago and that this project has so many issues that it will be a no-go.
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