30A Songwriters Festival, January 15 -17, 2010

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    I agree with Murray. All of the venues that our group attended had great listeners, as well. We really loved Shorty's because of the intimate atmosphere. It was really up close and personal. The artist were amazing, the sound was awesome and the crowd was respectful. Everyone really enjoyed listening to the music and hearing the stories of inspiration behind the music. It was wonderful!

    We also had a great time at Fish Out of Water on Saturday night and Bluz on Sunday. It seemed like the artist were having a good time at each location, too.

    Thank you so much to Jennifer Steele Saunders, the CAA volunteers and all the wonderful venues that helped bring this incredible experience to 30a.
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    The Beach Breeze has lots of great pics and coverage of the festival- in your mailbox and retail locations today!:clap:

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