30Avenue Defines Coastal Chic Lifestyle

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    30Avenue is a new upscale shopping and dining destination on the eastern gateway to South Walton, just across the highway from Rosemary Beac

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    Is Shan Kishi still open? They were shuttered the other night and I didn't see any sign with hours posted, nor any explanatory signage regarding vacation. We like Shan Kishi in PCB, so we were glad to see them open here, but it is substantially more expensive for the same fare that can be had a pretty short drive further east. And the three or four times we have been there, it has been very empty. We have done Cuvee happy hour and it was good. I am not going to say anything negative about any of the places that are trying to get off the ground otherwise, but I think there will be some turning over until a formula that works in the development is stumbled upon.
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    Shan Kishi is excellent and now serving lunch with better prices. All outstanding. We've been there TONS already. I don't know why they would have been closed. The place is a big hit with lots of SoWal peeps.

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