8 day sowal wrap-up

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  1. Duchess

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    Sep 11, 2005
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    Blue Mountain Beach/Reynoldstown
    My hubby lives in Blue Mtn full-time and I just came back from a delightful 8-day
    vacation down there. I thought I might post a couple of highlights and comments
    about my stay, in case anyone is interested...

    Weather was much improved by the end of the week, Debby really didn't affect my
    visit at all. That said, I was very alarmed by the sight of many families with small
    children in the water on Sunday, 6/24 when the beaches were closed. I actually
    spoke with a couple of adults that morning when I was on a mega-walk. One woman
    actually said it was OK, her teenage son was a lifeguard. So she admitted that
    she knew all about the signage, but that it didn't apply to them. Her 2 teen sons
    were deep in the water. I am not a parent, so kept going. Maybe these kids are
    easily replaceable. I understand that many families save all year to go to the beach,
    but safety is safety.

    I was very happy to see the beaches, restaurants, and grocery stores crowded. What
    a difference 2 years makes, right? Also, I think on Monday, 6/25 when I walked west
    to Stinky's, I saw a couple of what I assume were BP people looking in inlets for
    oil evidence. I was very impressed and didn't bother them. They were east of Ed
    Walline, around Gulfview Heights, I believe. One wore a BP long-sleeved shirt. I also
    saw no dolphins at all during my stay, from 6/24 to today, 7/2. I was surprised by
    that, but assume it had to do with Debby.

    Restaurant-wise, we ate well and I promise to be in the gym tomorrow morning!
    Highlights include Marie's (as usual), Smiling Fish this afternoon before the drive
    home, and we enjoyed trying both VKI for sushi and Local Catch. Wish I could
    have tried Buddha Lounge (closed on Sundays) and I feel remiss not saying "hi"
    to Jack at McTighe's. My waistline could only take so much. Our best meal was
    at home with scallops from Shrimpers and some Portuguese cava rose. Or
    something like that! I went solo to Rosemary Beach to see the Coastal Living
    Open House and ate at George's after. Katie was my waitress and she rocks,
    as did lunch. There is super-secret parking right in front of the CL Home on
    Kingston, it's $15 for admission and pretty much worth it. Bring your camera
    and tissue for when you drool.

    That's all, thanks for reading this far, my husband said I should post. Also, we
    did this super-cool getaway from SoWal one night when we drove to Pensacola,
    took in a Blue Wahoos baseball game (AA), spent the night, then woke up mega-
    early and went to Pensacola NAS and saw the Blue Angels practice Wed. morning.
    It was awesome!! The Naval Aviation Museum is wonderful as well. I know many
    visitors to SoWal aren't able to take advantage of his, but it was *well* worth
    the detour. Google the Blue Angels practices on T/W and don't forget to bring
    water, chairs, a sense of humor, and mucho sunscreen. If half of the population
    of children 4' and under were at DisneyWorld that Wednesday, then the other
    half and their families were at Pensacola NAS. Many people, much fun. Hope this
    helps others plan their trips....

    And I'd be remiss if I didn't put it this last complaint....golf carts should not be
    on the bike paths. Period! SWSO needs to get on this, now! Hope everyone has
    a great and safe Fourth.
  2. Kurt Lischka

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    Oct 15, 2004
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    Thanks so much really glad to hear you had a great visit!
  3. Orion

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    May 22, 2012
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    30A Local
    Snowmobiles and Eco-Tours


    Thanks for one of the best posts on SoWal.com in a while. It occurs to me that, when one goes snow-skiing, one often (or should) take a day off from skiing to go on a back-country snowmobile trip.

    Similarly, a trip away from the beaches of SoWal could include Pensacola (call-letters, PNS?, someone's laughing to themselves about that), which my schedule now includes, AA baseball and Blue Angels? Sign me up!

    Or, it might include a Gulf-fishing trip and/or an eco-tour (nature/photos/fishing/whatever floats your boat...) on a well-Captained, well-narrated adventure on a boat launched off Point Washington or Peach Creek, just East of Eden (Gardens State Park) to/through the Choctawhatchee Bay, and beyond, up through Black Creek (lunch at Outpost, anyone?). I'm just sayin'...

    We run such tours, if anyone is interested, please post a reply or PM me here. Meanwhile, I'll say "Hey" to Goober at McTighe's for you :lol:. Thanks again for your post. Come back soon, for good.

    Kurt: I really like your new avatar.
  4. Maries Bistro

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    Mar 15, 2011
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    2260 West Hwy 30a, Blue Mountain Beach, FL
    From all of us @ Marie's Thanks, we will work harder to make it more special for all to enjoy
  5. DD

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    Aug 29, 2005
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    grapevine, tx. /On the road to SoWal
    Sounds like a great trip!!
  6. lenzoe

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    Nov 15, 2004
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    Thank you for reminding me that as many times as we visit, there's always more to see and do.
  7. John Allen

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    Jun 16, 2006
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    Never replied to a thread before, but here goes!

    Been vacationing at SoWal for many years. The draw year after year has been the basic simplicity of the place and the "off the beaten track" feel to the beach and the area in general. Now, I know that it's definitley "on the beaten track" but it never has felt like it over the years.

    That was until my July 1212 vacation. I hadn't been down for a couple of years, suffering a lay off and re-employment struggel like so many these days. I was really looking forward even more than usual to my beach time.

    BUT, it turnes out, I was to be disappointed. The problem, as best I can describe it, is that suddenly, this wonderful beach spot has become all grown up. Prices are high, the quaint out of the way shops are gone to be replaced by shiney plastic places, and that laid back beach comraderie I always enjoyed between myself and the locals was gone. In fact many of the locals were sullen and uncommunicative. Just another beach tourest season to them I supose.

    Anyway, I'm going to look for a different place to spend my vacation this next year. My message to SoWal is to Stop, take stock, and try real hard not to become another Myrtly Beach before it's too late.
  8. tsutcli

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    Jan 14, 2008
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    TDC take note!!!!
  9. Beach Runner

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    Jul 9, 2005
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    Near the ATL and in SoWal as often as possible
    I am pretty much a local (I mean, we are in South Walton over 20 times a year). And we will be here more often now that we have built a home that we won't rent,

    I really miss the camaraderie that we used to have as posters on sowal.com/bb. I miss the soirees that we used to have where we could all meet the other posters. It now seems like there's an in-crowd and everyone else. I think I'm in the "everyone else" category. I'm cool with that. I love South Walton, and that's why we built another home here. But it still hurts when I know about activities going on and I am not included.
  10. sadie1

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    May 31, 2009
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    The words got out. Its that simple. tdc did alot of advertising up north and thus we now have record crowds. For instance when i first started coming 20 yrs ago i could park in seaside or grayton easily.no i don't dare try to go to grayton in the summer as the parkinng is a zoo. the last few yrs i've noticed the off season is much much more crowded. sowal is special its just now we hae to share it with many more people
  11. UofL

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    Jan 21, 2005
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    Louisville KY
    We are seldom able to get in the water - frequent red flags. If not that, lots of natural stuff that IS a turnoff when you only get to beach once or twice a year - and isn't that the reason you go to the beach? I use to defend Sowal, but we can ride our bikes, dine out local, shop local, walk, go to concerts etc at home for a lot less money. Sorry. Nice that you don't have to rent to those renters anymore - there won't be that many of us returning. And yes I'm getting cynical in my old age. I think of Tonawanda in Fried Green Tomatoes. (but we might swing by there after the Sugar Bowl....:). Ellen
  12. Andy A

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    Feb 28, 2007
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    Blue Mountain Beach
    I usually find our tourists quite acceptable and refreshing, particularly our Canadian snowbirds who come every year. There are exceptiolns, of course, like the one lady who called my wife a "*****" after she asked her to keep her kids off the dune and not to throw things on them. (there was a fence there, as well). That, however, is a very unusual situation and after the condo owner was notified, the offending party didn't stay long. Respect works both ways and that should always be a consideration.
  13. Scooter

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    Mar 3, 2005
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    Atlanta, GA; New Orleans, LA
    John Allen you are spot on!!!!!! I feel your pain about the area! I, too, am moving on!!!!!

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