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A Doggie Social At Grand Boulevard August 24

Discussion in 'Events and Activities' started by Dog-Harmony, Aug 10, 2017.

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    Apr 28, 2015
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    Dog-Harmony presents Dog Days of Summer at Grand Park in Grand Boulevard on August 24th from 6pm - 8pm

    Dog Days of Summer will feature music, JC Gourmet’s delicious snapper dip, beer from Grayton Brewery, wines from William Weaver Winery and an opportunity for our furry friends to catch up, play and share their summer adventures. We will also have great raffle items, snapper dip you can purchase and take home and, of course, items for your furry friends. This is event has no admission fee but donations are most welcome.

    More about Dog-Harmony:
    We’re a group of passionate and determined problem-solving dog lovers who want to make a difference. Our goal is to build healthy relationships between humans and dogs to improve the lives of both. The basis for these relationships is knowledge and the key is education, for all ages. By providing personalized training, education and ongoing support we help owners and dogs grow together in adoptions that last a lifetime. Adoption isn’t the end result, it’s just the beginning.

    Visit Dog-Harmony for more information.

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