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    Can anyone walk me through the adoption process here if the child you want is in another state? California or texas to be exact. I am signed up for MAPP classes, but that will take another 7 weeks, then after that they will do the home study... I don't want to miss out on the children we found (ages 5-11), and i want to get the home study done asap, and other states don't require these classes. Is anyone out there a licensed social worker that can speed this up for me? We are only adopting one, we just see a few we would like to get on a list for.

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    Is the child or children in foster care in another state? Have parental rights been terminated? Is the other state seeking an adoptive placement?

    There is an attorney in Fort Walton Beach that specializes in adoption, but I do not know if private adoption would help you facilitate adopting the child/children you have identified. Costs $$$ too (but when we were considering adoption, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be). The only reason I suggest an attorney is the issue of crossing state lines.

    I remember there also being a web-based message board about adoptions and resources for potential adoptive parents. I don't remember the url but a google search may help.

    Our circumstances changed and we were forced to drop our plans for adoption, but good luck!

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