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Discussion in 'Employment' started by SBlett, Feb 6, 2015.

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    I am ISO an after school Nanny. Job description below. Please include rates and resume with 3 references in your reply.

    I am looking for a responsible individual who will retrieve 2 children (a toddler in daycare and a Kindergartener in South Walton) Monday-Friday (have to be at the school by 2:15 and daycare time has yet to be determined but could be anywhere from 1:30-3pm depending) and then bring them home to the Seagrove area to stay with them until 5:30 (with an occasional option for later as needed).

    During this time, I would like/expect kindergarten homework completed, snack time, outside playtime, and some light housekeeping/food prep as needed. Individual must have own transportation, valid drivers license and no driving record.
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    Hello. My name is Mary. Ive been with my nanny family 8 years! They were just an adorable little fella and little girl my Nick and Lauren. Now they are close to as tall as me. So much love between us. Guess what? Lauren will be driving next school year.
    I will likely be adopted by a new family needing a nanny. Ive always been part time but their mom will tell you all these years it seemed as if I was full time because she came home to a clean house and her kiddos were in need of very little before I went home. Anytime one of them ( or mom ) was ill I came to save the day no matter what time or day it was.
    They will always be a part of my life. I can't wait for Lauren to go away to college and invite me to come see her or better yet I know she will come see me. And Nick will be a professional soccer player. When I see him in the tournaments I will tell everyone I was his nanny and I got him to soccer training every week with a fresh uniform and water with a carb snack to run on.
    So for now thats the story of Ms. Mary ( me ) and my nanny family.
    I look forward to moving to the Seaside, Watercolor area to become nanny to my next little fella or girl or both and make life better for mom and dad too. My grandkids are there every year about 4 or so months of the year. What fun.
    Please tell all your friends and neighbors about me. Theres plenty of love to go around again!
    Ms. Mary

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