Alaqua Animal Refuge needs help!

Discussion in 'Local Government and Groups' started by shesgottasurf, Aug 18, 2013.

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    Hello fellow sowal residents and guests!
    Not sure if this is in the right forum location, sorry if not! Alaqua,as any of you know is a non profit, no kill animal shelter in Freeport, Fl. A couple of days ago, they took in 96 neglected dogs and 6 horses from a hoarding situation. Right now they are in DIRE need of donated supplies... Primarily sheets and towels, as they must throw away the used bedding right now until the dogs have been tested for Parvovirus, to avoid spreading it around the rest of the refuge. I have contacted watercolor, holiday inn resort in Panama City and sandestin resort for these needs.

    Also needed are:

    laundry detergent
    Large garbage bags spry bottles
    Cloth strip mops
    small collars, chihuahua sized
    small tipped sharpie pens
    paper towels
    pedigree dog food, adult and puppy, canned

    They also need bodies! There are not enough volunteers signed up to help care for the sheer volume of animals that need care without overworking the staff. Please contact the refuge for info about how to volunteer... You cannot just walk in and start if you haven't been there before or in a long time. Please, spread the word any way you can, Facebook, emails, tell people you know, every little bit helps!!!

    Their website is

    The phone number is 850/880-6399

    They are open to the public from noon till five pm, Tues- Sun. Last tour at 4:30.

    Volunteer orientation is usually on a Saturday morning, I believe.

    Thank you for reading, and please help!
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    This is truly an emergency situation. I know some of you out there used to be volunteers and had to drop out due to family or work or other issues. This would be a great time for you to temporarily call yourselves back up, so to speak, until they can get things under control. And, as mentioned above, the supplies listed are in dire need.

    Again, this is not just an ordinary day-to-day situation.
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    I could probably find a way to get dog food donated but not necessarily "Pedigree" brand.
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    You can drop off donations at Furry Fanatics in Gulf Place if you can't make it up to Alaqua.
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    Point Washington
    If you are a pet lover, or even if your not a pet owner, but you love animals, we should do our best to support these organizations to help animals of all kind. I see a lot of situations where animals need assistance, love and care. I'm going to see what I can do tomorrow to help.

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