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Beach Lover
Apr 17, 2006
I was just curious..I have not seen them in any of the lakes, but maybe I just missed them.

Has anyone seen alligators in any of the coastal dune lakes? Details please..


Beach Lover
Jul 25, 2005
I live on the northern shore of Western Lake and have seen many alligators over the years. Mostly during mating season bUt not always.

A couple of years ago, there was a rather large gator spotted in Western Lake and someone called the county. They dispatched the Gator Hunter and he set a couple of traps along the shore consisting of a large hook on a rope with a chicken impaled and tied to a tree. He asked that I check it every day and called me every day to see if it was still there.

One day, I went to look at the line and it was completely submerged and still. I called him and he came and pulled out a 10' gator. I have a great picture of Baba.peering at him in the bed of a truck.

So, yes, there are gators in our lakes!


Staff member
Oct 15, 2004
Many lakes have gators all the time but the population is kept very low. They migrate so lakes that don't have any now will in the future. I doubt a gator would live long in Eastern Lake.

Seeing a gator in the surf is an amazing scene. So is Peach Creek with dolphins and alligators sharing the same water.
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