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    The Spire is all about sport with power and size to match. The 800w v-twin has 55 hp and lots of low end torque that can easily spin the wheels in the dirt.
    It comes with four wheel independent suspension, dual vented hydraulic disc brakes, and tilt steering, comes street-legal ready with windshield, mirrors, horn and blinkers.
    The width of the Spire is a narrow 52" and much like other stock UTV 's.
    The Spire comes with a front and rear sway-bar, which gives the user the opportunity to dial it in for terrain and rider preference. The Spire's bed is built for light loads.
    Fuel tank 7.6 gallons, battery 12 volts 21 amps, ground clearance 10.2", towing capacity 220lbs.
    F.O.B. buyer is responsible for shipping.
    Email with questions or to purchase.

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