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Apr 7, 2006
New York/ Santa Rosa Beach
Do not allow them to automatically renew you. Let them bill you and show you your options for renewal.

I've been a customer of theirs for 8 years with multiple properties. One of them I let lapse for a few months in the dead of Winter. They offered me a rate of $19 for the quarter in 2009 and then the following quarter, a rate of $69. I forgot I had done this- when you advertise multiple properties on multiple sites, it can get confusing.

In any event, they changed their quarterly billing rate to $99 and their yearly rate is $199. I was on auto renewal and they billed me $99 every quarter, double the amount of the normal yearly subscription!

They do email you a bill for the renewal, HOWEVER, they do NOT offer renewal rate options. My husband assumed that we were being billed quarterly for a yearly rate, when in fact we were being billed double the normal rate.

When I realized what was going on (after almost 1.50 yrs) (Yes, i know, my bad) I emailed them and asked why the renewals did not include an option and that I had been a steady customer since early 2004 (almost 8 years) and always paid yearly subscriptions on multiple properties, why in the world would they think that I would pay $99 a quarter?

My bad for not catching it sooner, but their bad for not detailing your options in their billing, which IMHO, is a sleazy business practice, because had I not allowed them to auto bill me, I am quite certain I would have gotten an invoice with my options for renewal.

They will not refund me any of my monies, but they will refund me my recent $99 billed a couple of weeks ago and put me back on a yearly plan. How professional and courteous of them. :roll::sarc:
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