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Kurt Lischka

Staff member
Oct 15, 2004
I am crazy for Blue Lupine. I love all dune flowers but Lupine is special. It is delicate and yet towering and majestic. The plants blend in all year except for a couple of weeks this time of year when they erupt. The blooms open quickly and fade fast.

The local legend is that early sailors off the coast saw the dunes covered with Blue Lupine and described them as "Blue Mountains" which is how Blue Mountain Beach got its name.

Sadly, each year we have fewer and fewer plants from habitat destruction due to development. I think about this each year and it lends a bit of urgency to capturing their beauty. Imagine dunes as far as the eye can see that were once completely blanketed by Blue Lupine. What a sight that would be.

I hope you enjoy this season's bloom right here at the annual SoWal Blue Lupine Festival. :wave:

p.s. - please don't pick them. We need them to seed and spread, and they are so delicate they won't even make it to a vase. Also they are virtually impossible to transplant so do not try. Enjoy them right where they belong and look best, on the beach.


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