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The fire is on par with burning a stick of incense in a temple or lighting a candle for someone in a church - yes, there is smoke and ash created, but it is being done for a greater purpose and will be cleaned up properly.

Plus, I'm a pyro and so IMO any intentional and contained fire is a good fire ;-).

Warm clothes, chair, bottle of champagne, plastic glass.

Did I forget anything?

your Chit list :lol:
Many of my favorite folks, including my Sis, are perennial pyros!!
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Mar 31, 2006
Santa Rosa Beach
Sorry ya'll. :sosad: unforeseen company. You were on my mind. And i'm burning negative thoughts with you in spirit.

Calgon, take me away. no really. :roll:


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Thanks for this wonderful fire ceremony. I was fine until I realized my hearing would not let me take part in the sharing so I left. As I drove away I felt an actual physical lightening and happiness. Something really let go.

Miss Critter

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Mar 8, 2008
My perfect beach
Thanks for this wonderful fire ceremony. I was fine until I realized my hearing would not let me take part in the sharing so I left. As I drove away I felt an actual physical lightening and happiness. Something really let go.

Caroling, I'm sorry you had to leave early, but so glad you participated in the ceremony with us, and that it was successful. I share the same feeling right now. Physically lighter, emotionally stronger, and just plain happy. Didn't we have the most beautiful night? Let's make this a regular solstice event, for sure. :wave:

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who participated tonight. (Next time, for sure, sunspotbaby.) I consider you all miracles in my wonderful life. :love: Next stop, vision boarding (No, it's not the same as waterboarding)!

One of you already knows I LOVE this song. Here's our anthem for 2011, ladies! To the Sisterhood!

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.


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Dec 11, 2007
Seagrove Beach
Had SUCH a wonderful time, and am so glad that I got to spend such a beautiful evening with all of you! :love:

Thanks to Caroling for being our firestarter! So sorry that you left early, but so glad you came! Huge thanks to MC for organizing... you are amazing! Definitely up for the Solstice scheduling, and looking forward to the Vision Boarding!

To the Sisterhood! :lol::wave:
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WOW! :love: This gathering time was SO much more than I imagined or hoped for... and in and of itself isn't THAT a wondrous thing?

Not only did I receive the gift of known friends, but also the joy of meeting Glenda and Caroling.

Thanks to ALL of you (as the man o' the house affectionately dubbed us: "the do-gooder-get-all-that-nastiness-behind-ya-COVEN"!)
1)Miss Critter... for your glorious and everlasting start up org skills and pure inspiration!

2)GW... shivery delight to meet you PLUS your words regarding "visioning and treasuring mapping" gifted me greatly!

3)Caroling... must tell you that your expression of "LACK of hearing" may prove to be one of the WISEST things I've ever "heard"!

4)Kit... The Man & I CHERISH YOU unequivocably!

5)Scooterbug... Hope I didn't muff my sincere expression of letting you know how important 'a mirror' you are to me!

6)'re just flat-out gorgeousmous and SoWal is better for You-n-Yours return!!

X-TRA SPECIAL Gift-from-the Universe LAGNIAPPE) ... the lovely gentleman who, synchronistically, just happened to be playing winsome & beautiful flute music on the walkover steps! (Not to mention The Surf).



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Oct 10, 2005
What a great time we had. Thanks everyone I was happy to meet you/see you again...and excited to start a new tradition. The Burning Bowl Ceremony has long been a favorite of mine--we took it to a whole new level on the beach! I feel good about all the inspiration and look forward to our treasure mapping adventure. 2011 watch out--here we come!:clap:
(I was freezing once I got up away from the fire!:yikes:)
Why am I sensing a "Witches of Eastwick" vibe here?! lol I am sorry I didn't go. I know Imy would have been complaining about the cold though. Sometimes I call her my grumpy old lady to her vast pleasure. ;) Sounds like an amazing experience was had by all!


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Jul 31, 2006
back in SRB
Caroling, it was so nice to get to meet you and to share last night with you. Without you there, it would not have been the same. Thank you.

Miss Critter, you know how I feel about you.:love: Thank you for organizing the whole ceremony, including somehow managing a perfect sunset and amazing stars.

Glenda, you are truly awesome. I need to follow you around for a few weeks, so that some of your wisdom can rub off on me.

KitLit, it was so good to see you. 2011 will be incredible. All those lessons we talked about from 2010 will be totally worth it.

Scooterbug, so we didn't see each other at the farmer's market but we got to share such a special event last night. It was just meant to be and I'm so glad you were there, right next to me.

Dune-AHH, thank you for your wisdom through humor. Every time I'm with you, I laugh until I cry.

To each of you, being able to be a part of this ceremony with the 6 of you was so important to me. After moving away and now returning all in 1 year, last night was the beginning of an amazing adventure.

To the man on the walkover, thank you for being there.;-) To the sunset and stars... no words needed.

Love to each of you and thanks for being a part of my life.
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