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    Mark Douglass is a South Walton artist primarily known for his political cartoons and caricatures.
    His cartoons and illustrations have appeared in print for over five decades. Mark is seeking a high traffic location in which to draw his whimsical cartoon caricatures. Arrangements by space rental, percentage rate of sales, and flat rate hourly fees are available. This is an excellent way to provide your business with perpetual advertising as caricatures are often cherished and displayed for many years.

    Caricatures by Mark Douglass at Your Next Party - Caricatures are loads of fun at weddings, birthdays and most any kind of social gathering.

    Below are the flat rate fees for sketching caricatures of your guests at your next party.
    2 Hour (Minimum)- $175
    $80 each additional hour (travel fee may apply outside a 70 mile radius)

    Caricatures by Mark Douglass (drawn from your Photos and Mailed to YOU!) -$25 each!!
    Send your photos via email and Mark will draw a full color caricature and mail it directly to you.

    Check out Marks Douglass Art on Facebook
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