Caring & Sharing of South Walton: Donations for Family Assistance

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    Dear Supporters of Caring & Sharing,

    We hope that everyone is finding ways to stay well and home during this unprecedented time in our world. As we continue to navigate serving clients in Walton County during the COVID-19 Outbreak, we are reaching out to ask for your support and to update you on what we have been able to accomplish since you last heard from us.

    In the last week, we have served over 150 families providing food, rental assistance, utility assistance, and prescription assistance. We have implemented a drive-thru method for food pick-ups and gone down to two days of service per week in order to limit the exposure our team is having with the community. We are working hard to keep everyone safe and healthy while still meeting the current needs of our neighbors.

    Our Thrift Store closed on March 17th and will remain closed until it is safe to reopen. That being said, we are not able to accept household donations right now. We are working on a plan to make up for lost revenue and will be ready to get back up and running as soon as we are able to. We can’t wait to have all of our volunteers and customers back in the building!

    We have also had to put the Communities of Transformation programming on hold but are trying to stay connected to everyone via phone and social media. We are currently exploring ways to continue providing our members with virtual tools for coping during this crisis.

    As we start this week, we are seeing a huge uptick in requests for assistance. As you know, people are out of work, stores are out of supplies, and people are worried about how they are going to make it through these tough times. Below are two ways you can help us continue supporting those in need in Walton County.
    • Donate Food - call 850-267-2866 to coordinate
    We are providing families with multiple bags filled with supplies. We have created a menu that will provide multiple individuals in the household with three meals a day. Some things we currently need are:
    • Grape Jelly
    • Pasta Noodles
    • Pasta Sauce
    • Canned Chicken
    • Apple Juice
    • Cereal
    • Canned Fruit
    • Ramen Noodles
    • Canned Soup
    One of the greatest requests we are having right now is for financial assistance. Families are struggling to pay power bills, water bills, rent, and prescription costs. Clients are able to receive financial assistance from Caring & Sharing twice per year.

    Spending your time at home thinking about other creative ways to serve our community? Reach out and let us know, we would love to connect and hear more!

    Thank you so much for your continued support. I know a lot of you want to help but don’t know how. Hopefully this email provides you with ways to support our neighbors in Walton County while staying safe and healthy.

    We will be in touch as our needs and services change. Our clients, and the safety of our staff, remain our current priorities.

    Thank you,

    Carly Harmer
    Executive Director, Caring & Sharing of South Walton
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    I love Caring and Sharing: here is some general info about the organization.

    How we help

    With our food pantry we are able to provide bags of groceries twice a month to low-income families in Walton County. We are also able to assist with diapers, formula, baby food and hygiene items. In addition, we provide financial assistance to those in South Walton County, who meet the requirements. This may include assistance with past due utility bills or prescription costs, as well as clothing or household items from our thrift store.

    We have several special programs throughout the year that include Thanksgiving and Christmas meal bags and Angel Tree Christmas presents for children of qualifying families.

    We also partner with the SoWal Community Chaplain to help connect those living or working in South Walton who are experiencing a crisis with pastoral care and connection to other community resources. You can learn more about this service at, where you will find many useful resources, including information about local churches and support groups.

    Finally, we are excited to be a key partner in developing Florida’s first Communities of Transformation program to alleviate poverty in our area and help under-resourced families move from “surviving” to “thriving.” This is a weekly program with dinner and childcare that supports families through:

    • personal leadership development and education

    • the building of structured friendships across racial, cultural, and socio-economic lines

    • the identification of systemic issues that keep people trapped in poverty and the identification of strategies to address them
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    I am challenging members here to donate, it is easy to do online.

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