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Is A casino a Good idea for South Walton

  • Yes

    Votes: 8 26.7%
  • no

    Votes: 22 73.3%

  • Total voters


Beach Lover
May 10, 2009
Way over the rainbow
I would suggest Freeport area as being a better location than Sandestin. Sandestin traffic is already bad and will only get worse a major attraction such as a large casino would make the traffic even worse. The beach is and always will be the major attraction for South Walton. Freeport is far enough away from the beach that it does not suffer from the daily traffic woes. Freeport is also withen easy reach of people staying in South Walton and close enough to I-10 for people to just hop off the interstate to give it a try. A major casino or two at the Freeport area could also spur the idea of public transport. Run a bus service paid for by the casino to run the beach and back up to DeFuniak. It would work for both workers at the Casino and for visitors. I will vot yes in your poll but I think that Sandestin area is the wrong location.

Bob Wells

Beach Fanatic
Jul 25, 2008
Bob, you say it's not your project, are you saying a project is already in the works or is the taxpayer association working on something?


SoWal Expert
May 8, 2007
I only consider south of the bay to be Sowal. It's an easy geographic divider for me.

IMO, these constant publicity blitzes and major expansion attempts are killing what makes this area special.

Would be nice to have more jobs in the Freeport area, but I am concerned locating a casino there would just price the local workforce out of yet another area, create more issues due to lack of proper planning and infrastructure, and make 331 more of a death trap.

Bob Hudson

Beach Fanatic
May 10, 2008
Santa Rosa Beach
Bob, you say it's not your project, are you saying a project is already in the works or is the taxpayer association working on something?

No it's definitely not my project. A meeting was held at Sandestin and the project was discussed at length. Nothing is firm - it would require legislation in Tallahassee and a local referendum before it could go forward, but plans are definitely underway to try.

I made the WCTA board aware of the plan yesterday, so they have not developed a position.

I probably should have not used the term Sowal but rather South Walton.
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Beach Fanatic
Jul 14, 2007
Jobs? Sigh. LEGALIZED VICE. There are more creative, beneficial ways to spur business opportunity and economic growth than expanded legalization of another vice that can utterly ruin lives.

Sure....we could invite those oil companies to park their rigs just off our shores and pollute our area like they have in Louisiana....:roll:
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