Coastal Dune Lakes Workshop Feb 2

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    February 2nd at 4PM is the date the County Commissioners set for the Coastal Dune Lakes Workshop. The workshop will take place at the Courthouse Annex and involve, in some form, discussion of the proposed revisions to our Land Development Code and Comprehensive plan that relax the protections afforded our rare and beautiful coastal dune lakes.

    Protecting and preserving our lakes is so important not only for aesthetic reasons but for the health and survival of the lakes and all of the life forms they sustain. If you want an introduction to the ecology of the coastal dune lakes, attached is a letter written by Catharine Gross. She has completed her master's thesis which is on the coastal dune lakes. She speaks with an informed and passionate voice and we will continue to rely on her to explain to us the impact the proposed revisions will have on the lakes.

    Please join us for this workshop. Public presence and comment will make a difference.

    C.Gross letter to commissioners.pdf
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    Mark your calendars. This is big.

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