Cocoa Bar at Great Southern's BFF in Seaside

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    The drinks are heating up at Great Southern's BFF in Seaside.

    Come enjoy some Cocoa Bar seasonal drinks ~ limited time only! BFF is an outdoor bar next to Great Southern Cafe on the square.

    • Almond Comfort & Joy: Southern Comfort, Amaretto and Coconut Rum with toasted coconut, chocolate syrup and Almond Joy bars
    • Nutty Butter: Frangelico and Selva Rey Cacao Rum with peanut butter syrup and Nutterbutter cookies
    • Peppermint: Rumple Minze and Selva Rey Cacao Rum with peppermint candy
    • S’mores: Whipped Vodka with a chocolate covered marshmallow and graham crackers
    • T.’s Chocolate Orange: Grand Marnier with orange essence and cocoa dipped orange slices
    • CocoMint: Selva Rey Cacao Rum with spearmint essence, Andes Mints and Mint Oreos
    • Mexican Hot Chocolate: Ancho Reye’s Verde Poblano Liqueur with jalapeños and cayenne-nutmeg sprinkle


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