Collection Agency Services for Home Owners Associations, Doctor Offices, and Others

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    I am posting our collection agency services information on the board due to the many inquiries we have received from home owners associations, doctors and dental offices and other businesses that wish to use a local collection agency.

    Since 2003 we have been an industry leader in debt collections. We currently assist doctor's and dental offices, apartment management groups, home owners associations and other businesses that need our services to collect their bad debts.The difference between us and other collection agencies is that we do not collect any commission fees. All collected money is paid directly to you or your company.

    We only charge a small monthly membership fee recurring each month and $6.99 per placement account(including joint accounts). All collected money is paid directly to you or your company. We do not threaten people to pay their bad debts or make harrasment :twisted: calls. Call us at 850-267-1334 if you have any questions or go to our web site


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