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Jun 13, 2005
More area homes in are in the pipeline:

Rosemary Beach makes Forbes' default list

Forbes ran a story on its website last week looking at America’s 100 most expensive zip codes that have the most defaulted home loans. Rosemary Beach, which is in the 69th most expensive zip code according to data from LPS Applied Analytics, ranked third in the nation with 9.9 percent of its active loans in default.

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Bobby J

Beach Fanatic
Apr 18, 2005
Blue Mountain beach
its like me. i trade stocks for a living. i could care less wether the dows at 12k or 5k. as long as the mkt moves up and down i make money. same thing with real est. i'm willing to bet some agents are having one of there best yrs ever. Now how can that be when i look at cnbc and i see existing sales today are horrid and still never all time lows. the reason is sowal sales are brisker than most of the country is sowal prices started declining in 2007-2008 before most areas did and prices seem to have stabilized down 40% or more and people don't want to miss the upturn now although agents are making more sales than ever they have to sell 2 times as many homes as the early 2000's. due to house prices 1/2 of what they were

The market is very local in nature. It can change by the mile. It operates a bit different then the stock market. What you hear on cnbc might not hold true for the entire market of Real Estate along 30A. For instance, Watercolor is on fire. Last I heard over 40 homes were currently under construction! And... Sellers are speculating again in certain areas. You are about to see a great deal of construction begin to occur around here. Odd to understand if you follow the news but makes sense if you follow local sales.
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