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    That seems to be all politicians in this County, so what else is new and how will that change with one less politician in the Walton County Schools.
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    For one thing it would eliminate one party affiliated official since the school board is NPA. It might also challenge the board to be more proactive rather than to simply approve every recommendation from the superintendent. We pay the board members a nice salary for having one meeting a month and to rubber stamp everything. But it's wishful thinking to believe that anything will change since I'm sure most of the incumbents will be re-elected and it will be business as usual.
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    I am a life long Democrat, and I appreciate your honesty about what you are seeing here. There is a very extremist element within the Republican Party down here. I am sick and tired of being bashed and being told I hate God and am unpatriotic because I am a Democrat. I think you do represent the views of the majority of people in this country but the ultra Conservative Republicans just yell louder. I totally agree that what we should be seeking is ethical and responsible representatives in Walton County. It has been a "good ol' boy" system for so many years. We definitely have a lot of work to do in our county. When the chairman of our Board of Commissioners states that he doesn't really understand what is and what isn't county business, you know we have a problem!! Thanks again for your candor.

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