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County Missing $14,000

Discussion in 'Local Government and Groups' started by einnadica, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. einnadica

    einnadica Beach Comber

    Nov 25, 2017
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    NW Florida
    HR Director on admin leave? This was way back in November and recently turned over to the State Attorney. Must mean Walton investigation is done. What is the outcome? Mr Jones? How 'bout you Mr. Chapman, Mr. Anderson, Miss Nipper, Ms Jones forget about Commander Walters snowed her. No no no, Mr. SSuckday, YOU can tell us can't you? Why is this poor excuse for a HR Director still getting paid? This stealing incident (the one we know about) happened or was discovered 7 weeks back. At $80K a year, Walters remains out on paid admin leave. This has cost YOU as a walton taxpayer over $10,000 in salary not counting the contributions the BCC makes to her retirement and benefits, so lets say pretty close to $14K. And what about those retirement benefits? Seems the state should deny those to based on malfeasance.

    Employees should not stand for Walters remaining employed with the county. Remember wiley walters when you need a new uniform shirt and don't get it or when you deserve a raise in pay and don't get it and when you get a discipline report and dont deserve it. I am starting to believe that there is more to keeping her on the payroll than meets the eye (the one on the face that is).
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  2. Suzanne Harris

    Suzanne Harris Beach Fanatic

    Aug 19, 2008
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    You are very smart.

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