Dennis - Seagrove Cleanup Volunteers?

Discussion in 'All About SoWal' started by FastpitchCoach, Jul 13, 2005.

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    FastpitchCoach here and our condos are intact! Thanks to all who posted damage conditions for the Seagrove and surrounding areas. We could stilll use restaurant/activity recommendations, but have another question for this thread.

    We are wondering if the team could volunteer some of our time next week to local clean up activities? Seagrove Beach City/County park clean-up? Where would we go to find out where our help was needed? All recommendations considered.


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    Hi Steve - read through some of the older threads for lots of info about the area and what to see and do. There is a restaurant thread, top ten things to do in SoWal, etc.

    Also check the main site - and

    There is very little organization down here at this point, but ya'll could easily pick a spot and walk the beach for clean up. Take some plastic bags ( I would be glad to furnish for you) for man made small items, and drag boards and larger debris to the closest access and/or close to the dune line and the county will pick it up. Be careful of nails in boards.

    Don't pick up any natural wood or seaweed, etc. as they help hold the sand.

    Call or e-mail me when you are here or right before you come and I'll help you with more info, locations, and materials. Thanks!

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