Deputy Relieved of Duty

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    DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, Fla— Tuesday morning December 19th, Walton County Sheriff’s Office was made aware of an incident involving the professional misconduct of a deputy.

    The incident was immediately investigated by the agency. It was confirmed the deputy improperly used his position to contact a woman who he had previously assisted while on duty on December 17th. The contact was made from his personal phone while off duty December 18th. However, this conduct is beyond the realm of professionalism we demand of our employees and is not to be tolerated.

    The deputy, who has worked for the organization less than a year, was called in this morning, relieved of his duties, badge, and weapon and escorted out of the Administrative Offices.

    “The position of a Sheriff Deputy is held to a higher standard and is one that requires trust,” said Sheriff Michael Adkinson. “This individual’s blatant disregard of his oath will not be ignored and that is why swift action was taken.”
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    Why is it that the sheriff took swift action on this, but when multiple families/county employee's complained of Commissioner Jones husband and family threating them he has never as so much launched any kind of investigation. This is the political side of mike. If that Deputy was related to the old guard, he would have been counseled. This overlooking wrong doing by certain people is riduculous.
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    This is a good boot out the door. Commishes should follow WCSO lead and sever ties with hr director. That Eela Mae Walters set up the lady in her dept is enough to determine her character irregardless of an in house investigation or state fraud investigation. Walton employees deserve fairness all the way around. This chick is compromised! Taxpayers should demand that so more money isn't flushed away in paying her wages, benefits... No LJones and SSuckday, it will not be forgotten.

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