Destin Mayor Letter to Governor About Opening Vacation Rentals

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    “I am writing to request that you re-evaluate the vacation rental ban initiated in Executive Order 20-111 and extended in Executive Order 20-112.”

    “In Okaloosa County, approximately 11,000 of our 14,000 (78.5%) lodging units fall into the vacation rental category. We believe that vacation rental units are similarly positioned in other panhandle counties and are by far, the dominant visitor lodging establishment in the Florida panhandle. Unlike other regions in the state, we have very little hotel and motel inventory, so in order for the ancillary businesses that rely on tourism to get a boost in business, they need tourists and tourists need quality, clean rental properties to occupy.”

    “There has been robust discussion in our entire business community, not just in the vacation renal business, that the decisions on who can have guests and who cannot seem arbitrary and unfair. This present list of winners and losers puts our economy revival in jeopardy and leaves us far behind in the revitalization of Florida.”

    “As a final consideration, we would ask that you consider the uniques positioning of the Northwest Florida market. This area have very few vacation rental guests from within the State of Florida. Rather, many guests drive in from Atlanta, Nashville, Dallas and Houston. Further, there are essentially no international visitors in our area, unlike in Orlando and South Florida. As a result, a limitation to Florida residents, unlike other areas of the state, would be tantamount to a closure of Northwest Florida. Please re-evaluate current or future restrictions on out-of-town guests. We hope Northwest Florida’s unique situation will reconsidered as soon as possible.”
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    It makes me wonder if the Governor may decide to open certain areas.

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