Destin total laundry now offering pick-up & delivery in south walton

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    Destin Total Laundry Services has been serving our area for over eight years and is now offering free pick-up and delivery for ...

    Dry Cleaning ...

    Laundry ....

    Wash/Dry/Fold ...

    Comforter Cleaning ....

    Why fight the traffic when you can get all of the above picked up and delivered back to you!

    Also setting up new COMMERCIAL accounts with rental companies in the area. We already service several hotels and resorts in the area and can help with linens, towels, comforters, etc.

    For additional information, please call Destin Total Laundry at (850) 376-7607.

    Service from Destin to Seagrove! And, with the lowest rates and best customer service in the area!!!

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