developments approved Oct. 13 by Walton County

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    After lengthy discussions with residents, developers, a cemetery board and the Santa Rosa Beach Club, two abandonments were approved in the Santa Rosa Ridge area.
    Residents of Santa Rosa Ridge were concerned with the increased traffic and safety risk that would come with connecting the subdivision to Beach Ridge subdivision and Gulfside Village.
    A comprise was brokered between residents, builders and the Gulf Cemetery Board to allow a road to be built on the north side of the cemetery giving the future developments an entry and exit access to County Road 393.
    The planning commission approved both abandonments and the two developments for consideration by the Walton Board of County Commissioners.
    Beach Ridge will consist of a 17 lot subdivision with a pool on 2.46 acres located at the end of Fox Lake Drive. Gulfside Village will have 31 single-family residential lots on 4.92 acres on Seaview Road, north of Bunker Place.
    Results from the Walton County Planning Commission meeting on Oct. 13:

    ? Beach Nest PUD, a nine lot subdivision with three single-family residences and six condominiums on 1.25 acres along west side of Satinwood Drive.

    ? Sandhill Pines, 65 multi-family townhomes on 9.77 acres on the west side of Mack Bayou Road about 1.25 miles north of U.S. Highway 98.
    ? The Neighborhoods of Peach Creek, 96 singlefamily residential lots on 63.02 acres located on the north side of Highway 98, about 4.3 miles east of U.S. Highway 331.

    ? Naturewalk at Seagrove PUD Amendment, increasing original plans for single-family units by 25 and increasing multifamily units by 149 on 153 acres located a half mile north of County Road 30A and half a mile east of County Road 395.

    ? Mack Bayou Center Lot 3, 9,600 square feet of commercial space on 0.76 acres located on the north side of Mack Bayou Loop, east of Mack Bayou Road.

    ? Weatherall Building, a 1,872 square foot building with 700 square feet of commercial space and 1,172 square feet of residential on 0.21 acres on the north side of CR 30A, 0.7 miles east of the CR 393 intersection.

    ? Grande Pointe West, a 24 lot subdivision on 3.67 acres at the northeast corner of the intersection of North Walton Lakeshore Drive and Holly Leaf Lane in Inlet Beach.

    ? Grande Pointe Estates, an eight lot subdivision on 1.35 acres at the end of Walton Palm Road at the Walton County/Bay County line.

    ? Bay View Estates, a 15 lot subdivision on 2.57 acres located a half mile north of the Walton Way and Forest Shore Drive intersection.

    ? Gulf Cove of Seagrove, a 19 lot residential planned unit development on 2.4 acres on the east side of Sugar Sand Lane.

    ? Satinwood Place Subdivision, nine lot subdivision on 1.16 acres on the northwest corner of the intersection of Satinwood Drive and CR 30A.
    ? Boardwalk at 30A, 164 single-family lots on 20.61 acres, a 14 unit multiplefamily condominium and 38,115 square feet of general retail space on 1.75 acres located on the west side of CR 30A about 0.6 miles south of the Highway 98 and CR 30A intersection.

    ? Oaks at Eden, a 29 lot single-family subdivision on 4.55 acres in the Point Washington Area on the east side of CR 395.

    ? Preserve at Inlet Beach, a 68 single-family subdivision with a 0.31 acre amenity center consisting of a 1,500 square foot clubhouse and a 2,000 square foot swimming pool located north of Highway 98 along North Wall Street north of Pinewood Lane.

    ? Topsail Walk Subdivision, 24 single-family lots on 9.73 acres on the west side of East Hewitt Road, approximately 1.5 miles north of Highway 98.

    ? Sunset Key Cottages, eight single-family lots on 1.03 acres will be built on the west side of North Orange Street, north of Walton Palm Road.
    ? Mack Bayou Center Lot 8, a three-story office building totaling 10,398 square feet on 0.868 at the east end of Mack Bayou Loop on the north side, about one-quarter mile east of Mack Bayou Road intersection.

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