Do you rent your home? Renters leave you with huge power bills?

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    We at 30A Smart Homes, specialize in basic level home automation. If you have big power bills, or just want to check on your home while you away, we can help. Our services include the installation of smart thermostats that you can control from anywhere, wifi enabled Carbon Monoxide/Smoke detectors, and even wifi enabled cameras accessible from anywhere.

    Out of town? Maybe you forgot to turn the air down before you left? Change your AC or heating from your computer or smartphone.

    Want to make sure there's no gas leak or fire? Monitor your home from your computer or smartphone.

    Think you left a door open in the house? Check through your wifi enabled camera.

    We are the ultimate solution in saving homeowners money, and providing peace of mind.

    Check us out at!
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    Great concept! Good luck and will recommend.

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