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Beach Fanatic
Jul 9, 2005
I buy EVO at : The Doggy Bag
34904 Emerald Coast Parkway
Suite 126
Destin, FL 32541
(850) 837-9833

Not a bad trip - I'm on 30-A - I go to Belk's to shop at least monthly so it's convenient for me.

Red Dawg

Beach Lover
Feb 14, 2008
I have Champion show dogs, and Science Diet is a corn based feed, which means it main source of protein in corn. Even the snacks are corn based. My dogs are allergic to corn and their hair will fall out by the hands full. I would love to feed the raw diet, but it is to much touble. I feed Nutro(sensitive skin) this is a good quality food. It is more expensive than walmart brands, but you animal will eat less, poop less and have better breath and skin. Try it for a month, it is available at petsmart for 50.00 for 40lbs. Or Solid Golds Millinium. The solid gold is available at Pet stores or in small bags at For the Health of It. They also carry the Solid Gold supplements that are excellent. They will order you any of the solid gold products. All my life thought purina was the best you could buy, it is crap. Put a picture of my baby boy up. He's a sweetie. Taz is a champion in confirmation and a weight pull champion also, he is 8 years old in this picture.


SoWal Expert
Feb 15, 2005
We feed Nutro as well- discovered it years ago when we had a dog with crazy skin issues, and it was the only food that made it difference (we tried about 10). Our current dogs eat it too, and it is widely available (Petsmart, etc.) Your are right about the stool- my dogs poo looks like it came out of dogs half their size!:rotfl:

BR- what are you feeding Pepper now? I think sometimes we get too caught up in variety and the notion that dogs get "bored" with their food- which is assigning a human trait onto an animal, and sets yourself up for unnecessary guilt. I love animals, but heck, sometimes people go a little crazy in their assumptions of what their pets "need". Do they really need a home cooked gourmet meal? No. Do they need to eat something different every day? No. Do they need a $500 designer dog bed? No. Do they need fancy clothes? No. Do they need fattening and unhealthy treats, or even worse, people food? No. Marketing has hit the pet care industry and hit it hard.

What pets DO need- decent quality food (and making yourself nuts over this and spending most of your life providing it is over and above), clean water, a clean and safe environment, good health care from a vet, exercise, and love from their people. :love:

Miss Critter

Beach Fanatic
Mar 8, 2008
My perfect beach
I think Woof Gang Bakery in Market Shops at Sandestin also sells EVO and several other premium brands.
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