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    Are you away at work all day or otherwise unable to exercise your dog regularly, and could use someone to help you with that? . I have 20 years experience working with and training dogs, and I am offering the following services. I come to your home and will walk/exercise/play with your dog for 30 minutes, and at an agreed upon frequency per week. This will include walking in your area, tossing a ball or whatever play your dog likes. If you like I can take your dog to the dog park for socialization and play with other dogs.
    I can also offer to provide all aspects of basic obedience (sit,stay,down,come when called, etc. or trick training if you like. You can design your own program. My method of training is positive reinforcement. I will be happy to provide you with excellent references. My rates are as follows: For 1/2 hour walk/exercise -$15 . (must be within 15 miles. I live in Seagrove on 30A.) For 1/2 hour exercise with 1/2 hour training $25. $10 for additional dog. We can also arrange for a longer walk if you'd like. I will return your dog to your home a tired,happy, stimulated and better behaved boy or girl. I will also leave you a report of time spent and activities participated in. I can also email you photos if you'd like. Contact me through this forum if you are interested or have questions.

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