Donate to Food For Thought and help provide meals for families this holiday season

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    Food For Thought Outreach Inc is providing meals for over 300 families this holiday season.

    Families will receive the food needed to support their children during Thanksgiving and Winter Breaks along with a traditional holiday meal. #youcanhelp

    Donate today at ➜ Holiday Season Family Sponsor


    Food For Thought is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization based in Santa Rosa Beach, FL that provides backpacks filled with healthy, easy to prepare food for students who are dependent on free or reduced school meals. Our goal is to support a child’s development and educational experience by bridging the gap between school meals during weekends and holiday breaks. Food For Thought has been working to fight child hunger since 2010, and currently serves 15 schools in Walton and Okaloosa Counties, providing backpacks for 1200 students each week. For more information, such as donation locations, pantry items needed, and opportunities to volunteer, please email

    See Groups & Orgs to learn more about some of the area's outstanding work going on to support children, families, women, health, animals, the arts and more. So many ways to contribute your time and support!

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