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    I know that many Walton County residents and visitors have given money, clothing and household items to the victims of Hurricane Katrina over the last week. But here is yet another appeal (sorry it's a long one)...

    The Seaside Community Foundation has established a Katrina Relief Center at two kiosks around the circle in Seaside. All types of donations are needed.

    But beyond that effort, an even loftier one is taking place. SCF has partnered with Hurricane Helpers and area residents & businesses to arrange for two flights that have left Destin Airport for Mobile this week with food, clothes, cleaning items, etc. for victims along the Coast, with a heavy focus in Mississippi. You may have seen coverage of it yesterday on Channel 7. You can also see photos of them unloading supplies at this site:

    Kim Turner of SCF sent out this message today...
    "Next shipment leaving the 30-A port via trucks (Saturday) will need the following items:

    Cleaning Supplies: mops, brooms, buckets, sponges, bleach (in boxes), paper towels, comet, pine sol, lysol (all products, incl. disinfecting sprays, countertop cleaners)

    Yard supplies: Heavy garbage bages, heavy duty gloves, rakes, clippers- anything you can think of that will help them remove or deal with debris.

    COTS!!! Anyone have a line on these, please let me know.

    All bedding: Sheets, comforters, throws, new pillows with cases

    Dog and Cat food

    Bug repellant

    Hand lotion


    Socks, underwear (new, in packages)

    Fruit: Bananas, Apples, Oranges. (These items go very quickly.)

    Juice boxes (with the sippy straw on the side. Adults using these as well.)

    Pedialyte, Diapers, Formula (liquid and powder)

    Laundry Soap

    Latex gloves and particle masks (we are sending these to the New Orleans PD)
    Our team in Mobile wants to try to go further west and deliver more aid.

    Those of you who would like to contribute directly to this next shipment would need to direct your giving to the 'Seaside Community Foundation: Katrina Relief Restricted Fund.'

    We do not want to discourage you from donating to the Red Cross, but they can't help us (because we aren't Red Cross) and we can't touch their money - even and especially when it comes through us.

    Thank you for your unbelievable generosity and continued support."

    If you have any more to donate, please drop it by the Katrina Relief Center in Seaside before tomorrow as they are leaving around 5:00 am, I believe.

    Contact Information:
    Seaside Community Foundation - 850.231.3209
    Hurricane Helpers - 850.231.0077
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    Bless you all.

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