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    Come to the Free Functional Health Seminar at Fit Your Way Sunday, Jan. 13th. Event Here:

    Should We Eat Fat?
    The best and most recent medical studies say YES! Even though our governmental bodies have been saying NO! These recommendations are quickly being revised but bureaucracies move so slowly. Do not develop disease because you are eating the wrong stuff.

    If you are over 10 years old I would safely say that 90% of what you think you know about "Healthy Nutrition" is wrong. We have been given info since the 1960's which has been proven to be backwards by actual Medical Studies. Let us show you!

    Instead of pointing fingers lets just make the changes which are essential for healthy lives.

    For now let's see what Dr. Hinckley has to say about fat by jumping over to our Event Page and watching his 3 videos on the subject. Event Link:

    Come to the Seminar and find out more.

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