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    We are coming to the area for vacation next week and wanted to know about options for fishing in the area. My husband is a big fan of crappie fishing, anyone know if there is a good spot for that? Also, and information on charters or guides in the area. Thanks so much!
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    Hi, crappie is a fresh water fish so your husband should check out:

    This is a great discussion among Crappie fishermen about the best freshwater lakes to fish in the Florida Panhandle.

    The best fishing around here, my opinion only, is in the Gulf. There are lots of deep water charters that go out of Destin Harbor. I would highly suggest the smaller (5-10) people boats. They are more expensive than the +40 fishing "party boats" but WELL worth it. Better personal attention by the first mate and a lot less crowded. Loads of fun.

    Also, while your husband is fishing you should check out Fit Your Way on 30a for Zumba, Yoga, circuit training and/or Pilates. Go to for information.

    have a great time on 30A!
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    Surf fishing for pompano is extremely popular and fun this time of year (assuming the surf conditions and June grass permit). Here's a quick how-to article: I strongly recommend stopping in at "Yellowfin" (they have three locations in the 30-A area) for both equipment and detailed advice.

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