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    This one is for you!

    Just a nice story!

    [h=1]Hurlburt AFB pilot creates American Flag app[/h]
    A pilot based at Hurlburt Air Force base has created an app to celebrate America. He got the idea after hearing about the debate over the Confederate flag that raged across the country.

    It spurred many states and communities to remove the flag from government property. He also kept seeing rainbow flags after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage across the country. A lot of people on Facebook put a rainbow flag filter over their profile picture.

    Captain Christopher Lott is currently deployed, but his home base is in Navarre at Hurlburt A.F.B. While all this flag talk has been going on, one question kept popping up in his head. He said, "I didn't see many American flags out there. I thought 'where's old glory, where's the unity in America?'"

    He reached out to a fellow pilot and they created an app. puts an American flag filter on top of your Facebook profile picture.

    Captain Lott said, "We need to remember we are all American and I thought the best was to do that was to flood Facebook with American flags."

    He says it's one way people can show support for our troops. So far more than 300,000 people have downloaded the app. He hopes it will help bring us all together in a positive way.

    They are in the process of creating a similar type of app for other countries.

    He said, "We are almost ready to release a new app that will let you select the country. Your flag will automatically overlay on your profile based on your country, so anyone can unify behind their own country."

    Their goal is to have a million people download it by the end of July.
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    Misty, thank you very much for a very nice post. I do not belong to Facebook but I do fly my American flag every day except in inclement weather. We now have others in our townhome complex that do so as well.

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