For Sale: 100'x142' lot in Seacrest/Camp Creek Lake, on golf course, near beach

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    Hi everyone-
    We're selling our lot on Sea Crest Drive. Lot 15A is 100' wide by 142' deep, wooded, private, about 450-500 yards from the beach access directly across the street. It's a large lot that backs up to Camp Creek Golf Course with permanent conservation easements (trees & shrubs) on two sides. No HOA fees or build out times. Sea Crest Dr. is a non-cookie-cutter neighborhood with new and old homes, about 1.5 miles west of Alys Beach and a half mile east of Camp Creek Lake.

    Lot is currently listed at 439K. We're pricing it lower than other lots in the area that are smaller and farther away, in hopes that it will sell quickly.

    There is a small back corner that has "hydric soil." Although this corner isn't "wet" in the literal sense (even after the flooding storms), it is legally considered so, and thus has a 25' building setback in this corner. However, even with the setback the lot is large enough to fit a home, pool and carriage house. (The hydric area would make a nice fertile garden spot.) Attached here is the govt study that shows the setback. You can obtain a permit to build on this area. (I understand that takes a while, but it's possible).

    PM me if you'd like more information. MLS #379111.

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