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Apr 12, 2007

I'm a very sweet male light cocoa brown shaggy dog... maybe a large ****zu or Lhasa and you'd remember me because I have this major underbite!

I was hangin in Seagrove, enjoying runnin around and doin my own thing when this nice lady pulled over to see if I had tags.... well, with all the hair I've got, she didn't even find the collar I had on, even though I had no tags. So she asked a couple of people jogging and walking by if they knew who I belonged to... One couple said they had seen me yesterday much further down the road. Hey, I'm a travelin sort of dude, but she scooped me up anyway and mumbled somethin about puttin a notice on SOWAL and whatever those are.

So here I am, at her house in Gulf Place and she's already bathed me... I was startin to get attached to all those fleas... (or was it that they were attached to me?.... hmmm) but anyway, I really need to get back to my humans. I really am liking her two dogs, but she told me two is more than enough and I need to find my home.

Can anyone out there help me find my home?? I know they must be sad and missin me cause I am really a goooood boy. Plus I know I'm special cause she made me her avatar... whatever that is.

Please call her or PM... her name is Diane and she can be reached at 850-622-9565. Oh, yea... hurry, okay?? I don't want to have to go out to Alaqua even though I've heard it's a pretty super place. It took me a long time to train the people I already have! I don't want to start over! :blush:

OH YEA... go to
to see what a handsome dude I am!!
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Jul 16, 2005
Birmingham and Watersound
AAAAAAWWWWW, he is too cute & sweet. I don't think it is a shih tzu, they don't come in that color, but he is precious. I will call around and put pictures around 30-A when I come down tomorrow. Thanks so much for taking the time to rescue him and take care of him.
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Nov 3, 2005
How cute is he??? He looks like the dog from Petticoat Junction. (Anyone remember that show?) He almost reminds me of Jdargs dogs, but shrunk. :love: Glad you are taking such good care of him.

Grayton Girl

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Jul 5, 2005
OK, so now I'm all worried that the owners of the dog are visitors in Seagrove and are now looking all over the Seagrove neighborhood for their dog. Gulf Place is a long way from Seagrove!

I think you definitely did the right thing by scooping up this sweet pup, but perhaps you could place a sign in the area where the dog was found in the event that the owners are looking around for him in the area where they think he was lost. Lots of folks don't know about and will have no idea how to find their dog.

Where in "Seagrove" did you find him? To me, Seagrove is the area from Seaside to the Wheel House/Seagrove Villas, but folks as far as Eastern Lake (and even further east) say they live in Seagrove.



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Feb 14, 2006
Prairieville, La
:sosad: what a sweet puppy!! I hope her owners are found...hopefully they are still in town if the owners are visiting......
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Apr 12, 2007
Thanks for your replies and offers to help (BeachBummett for the placing of the pic/poster?)!

He really is a cutie and sweetie... I know, I'm worried too. He was less than a half mile west of the Tom Thumb but the couple that I talked to said they saw him way down east of the Tom Thumb the day before, so I'm not sure how far he has traveled.

My first thought was that he might have been dumped and I'm still not so sure that I'm not wrong. I hope I am! He was very dirty and OMG- the fleas.... hundreds... and they were actually attached to the skin in clusters of 4 or 5. So Sad!

I also placed an ad on which I felt was the most universally known site... any ideas from anyone would be a help if they know of a better one.

I'm placing an ad in the South Walton newspaper this morning. I believe Wednesday is their cut off for Saturdays issue. I'm also going to take him up to my vet to see if he has a microchip. That would be GREAT if he does and it's current info.

Yes, the breed mix is questionable... I've only seen that color in poodles, but BOY, that underbite is incredible!! About a 1/2" of it! Doesn't really show in this pic. I tried a close-up but he kept moving. The tail curls over the back like a Shih Tzu or Lhasa and the hair is much like that, but he is a bit larger... more like a Tibetan Terrier, but a bit smaller and longer body to leg height ratio. Whatever he is, he's precious and so easy to get along with. Just fell right in with my Lhasa and Lab.

OK, must start the process. Let me know if anyone can help. My schedule doesn't have much room for going down to Seagrove today, so if anyone can post some flyers, that would be HUGE! Just let me know.

Thank you, thank you all for your caring!! We love our pets here in South Walton!! :love:


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Feb 27, 2007
Seagrove Beach
I do not know the owners but my neighbors do and I called them and gave them info. I do not know why this owner lets this dog run wild all, all , the time.

Miss Kitty

Jun 10, 2005
:clap:...Hallelujah! Good work!
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