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Beach Lover
Jul 7, 2007
Did you ever hear back about the shots? I thought about him this weekend and hoped he wasn't tied outside in the heat.


FunnChef -
Jan 11, 2006
St Petersburg
Ok,I know ya'll are going to think I am a little strange here,just coming out of the blue.
I just joined this site yesterday and read this sad story. Am a dog spoiler and amateur dog rescuer,as finances allow!
I will be down in the area starting Aug annual visit.

Just raising a possibility the original poster (Geo)..would you consider letting all of us pay to neuter the dog and get him current on shots and heartworm,then giving him a home with you?

Hope I am not barging in too much here,just an idea to try to help out...
:welcome:rebster59! you are a sweetheart!

Poor Geo. All this from trying to do the right thing. As they say, no good deed shall go unpunished. :lol:
Geo is my hero!:clap:
Please let us know what is happening.


Beach Comber
Jul 21, 2008
I'll be there Sat.!!

Thanks for asking Geo that, I was wondering too! I hope he is okay,am ready to help!
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