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Beach Lover
Jan 26, 2012
Santa Rosa Beach
3 Pillar Health will host a Health Seminar at 2 PM on Sunday May 7th at 2 PM at the Fit Your Way Studios. During the course of the FREE Seminar you will learn the latest Nutritional Health Science and how you can use it to your health advantage.

Over 100 people in the Santa Rosa Beach area have participated in the process and have had wonderful results.

Our gift to you, if you RSVP and Attend, the FREE Seminar is a FREE Body Fat and Muscle Quality Assessment. Its form will match the analysis you see below. The Body Fat & Muscle Assessment you see is from one of the current program members and reflects their 19 pound weight loss in the first 10 weeks of the program. The startling thing is that Linda lost 23.247 pounds of FAT. How did she lose less weight than she did in fat? Because Linda was exercising and exercise builds muscle. THE BOTTOM LINE: You lose fat and you build muscle. We can prove it scientifically.

If you want to find out more just click here (REGISTRATION) to register for the FREE Seminar and your Body Fat & Muscle Quality Assessment

New posts