Free EBook Financial Planning/ Retirement Planning for Young People on Amazon 5/4&5/5

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    I just read in the New York Times that financial planner and blogger William J. Bernstein wrote a short book on financial planning and retirement planning for young people called, "If You Can: How Millennials Can Get Rich Slowly". Sounds like he's offering wise advice (and a lot of common sense). I sure wish I had read something like this when I was younger rather than catching up later (though I still plan to retire soon to the beautiful beaches of South Walton - but I could have retired to South Walton 5-10 years ago if I had started earlier). Here's the link to the brief 99 cent book that you can download as an ebook for free May 4 and 5:

    I just downloaded it but I haven't read it yet. In response to his article, I just thought of a new phrase for young people to aim toward (and for me, too): mindful abundance because most of the things that make us happiest are free or low cost - experiences, relationships, good health if you can get it, simple good foods, low-cost hobbies,...

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