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Hannah Norton

Beach Crab
Nov 3, 2019
Santa Rosa beach
329BFB83-BDFA-4CE4-95F5-F2DFB3DCAE91.jpeg 6FC3932A-7323-4B48-8615-61A091717076.jpeg Free male kitten to a good home. We found him yesterday, he was very malnourished but is doing so much better today! He’s very sweet and loves being cuddled. I have a litter box, litter, milk replacer, and a couple of cans of food to send with him. He is starting to become familiar with his litter box. We have treated him for fleas but he will need his first vet app. for shots etc...Message me if you’re interested and can provide him with a safe home


Beach Comber
Jul 9, 2018
Awww- thank you for taking the time to care for this little cutie~ Please b careful who he goes to~ There are sick people out there ( who often appear like the nicest person in the world) who look for FREE to good home animals... then use them as bait animals among other sadistic things.... I'm not trying to b a Debbie Downer but I've assisted in animal rescue for years and unfortunately, these are facts. I hope he finds the love he deserves~
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