Free Ride Funday Fest with Emerald Coast Hydrobikes Sunday, February 22!

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    Emerald Coast Hydrobikes are a ton of fun and many of you haven't had a chance to try them out yet. They need to get you out to see just how much fun they really are and stress test their staff and procedures at the same time. So why not have a little Hydrobike party and take care of both? There will be complimentary hot dogs, chips and bottled water on hand.

    You can call, email or reserve on line for a Sales Demo. (Be sure to reserve a sales demo for Feb. 22 or you will be asked to pay with a credit card.) Make your reservation for 1 -2 hours. When you arrive you will be checked in (paperwork) and fitted with a life jacket. Staff will then adjust your bike to fit, give you some riding and safety tips and send you on your way.

    We expect to be fully booked so you must have a reservation to ride.

    There is room in the console for phones, purses, towels, sunscreen etc. Anything could happen but, you and your stuff are not likely to get wet above your shins. If it isn't choppy and you aren't crazy, you won't get wet at all unless you want to.

    Wear what is comfortable but avoid baggy pants or skirts. Just like on a bike they can get caught in the chain.

    Please arrive a few minutes early to allow time for check in.

    Haven't ridden a bike in awhile? No problem. Hydrobikes can go up to 10 MPH but a cruising speed of 5 MPH can be achieved with about as much effort as it takes to walk. You won't fall over and scrape your knees either!

    When: Sunday Feb 22 from 9 til 4
    Where: Tom's Landing - 78 Ricker Ave. SRB
    How: Reserve a Sales Demo by phone, facebook, email or on our website
    How Much: FREE! (But we will ask you for feedback)

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