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Beach Lover
Jan 26, 2012
Santa Rosa Beach
Over 100 of your Walton County neighbors and friends have joined the 3 Pillar Program. People join 3 Pillars because they are dealing with a disease, heading toward a disease or aging faster than what they think they should? Do you look in the mirror and shake your head? These are all the things we can help you with.

3 Pillars is a 3 pronged health improvement system. We laser focus on your Nutrition, Fitness with a Functional approach to your Healthcare. It revolutionizes your health. Do you want to turn back your biological clock...then come to the seminar.

Fit Your Way only conducts the program once every 4 months. The program is run as a team and requires a 4 months commitment. If you are finally ready to Feel Great then join us on Sunday, Aug. 20th at 2 pm at the Fit Your Way Studio in the South Walton Publix Plaza. There is no obligation to join, we just as that you listen to our instructors, experiences of past graduates and that you ask as many questions as you can think of.

Go here for detailed info and to RSVP: Health

Here is a brief testimonial from one of our local graduates:

New posts

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